What drug is in gummy bears?

LSD candies Some other drug candies have contained LSD, a hallucinogenic drug. A Colorado man was arrested a few years ago for allegedly sending gummy bears with LSD and chocolate across the country. The culprit is gummy bears mixed with THC, the main mind-altering ingredient in marijuana. Researchers determined that each had eaten half of a gummy bear with drugs before becoming ill.

Drug agents found large quantities of THC gummies and vaporizers and a stack of cash. Some of them are store owners, others are employees. Eight of them have already been transferred to the Polk County Jail. Like cocaine and methamphetamine, flakka comes with a decline, the period when the drug leaves the body and the person feels fatigued or depressed.

Investigators announced that the drug was to blame on Friday, although they stated that they had sent samples of the gummy bears for further forensic examination. Flakka is made of a compound called alpha-PVP, a chemical cousin of cathinone, the amphetamine-like drug found in bath salts. Flakka, also known as gravel, is a synthetic drug that the media have reported cases of human exposure in Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. Last December, 13 teenagers in Naperville were taken to the hospital after eating gummies also mixed with marijuana.

Investigators say they have the name of the person who sold gummy bears with drugs to teens and believe the drugs may have come from a state where marijuana is legal.