What is a good mg level for edibles?

Cannabis edibles that are around 20 or 30 mg will provide a strong euphoria or high that is much more potent than standard dosing practices, which may be ideal for those who use cannabis to help control pain or for those who may have higher tolerances. If you have never taken groceries before, we recommend that you take 2.5 mg to start with. Five mg is often considered a dose, so 2.5 mg is half a dose. We recommend not consuming inexperienced consumers who eat edible doses greater than 15 mg.

This level is where novices tend to experience paranoia, while experienced users enjoy the euphoria and relaxation that comes with this stage. This stage tends to be a good option for medical patients who have developed lower dose tolerances. Edible doses at this level help medical patients who have difficulty absorbing cannabinoids in the gastrointestinal tract. This edible dosage level may be useful for patients suffering from cancer and those with inflammatory disorders.

Some of these edible sour marijuana jellies from Journeyman can help you achieve this THC dose level.