What is considered strong for edibles?

Cannabis edibles that are around 20 or 30 mg will provide a strong euphoria or high that is much more potent than standard dosing practices, which may be ideal for those who use cannabis to help control pain or for those who may have higher tolerances. The standard dose for an edible is considered 5 mg. When buying from a licensed cannabis store or dispensary, groceries usually come in doses of 5 mg (one dose) or 10 mg (two doses). Doses of 2.5 mg (half dose) and 20 mg (four doses) are also observed, but they are less common.

The strongest edibles on the market usually don't exceed 100 mg of THC. These edibles should only be used by experienced consumers who have a high tolerance to THC. This is the smallest dose of edibles, which is perfect for beginners and those of us who like to microdose. Microdosing less than 5 mg is ideal for microdosing when working from home.

At this level, we will feel slight relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and other symptoms. Some consumers experience greater creativity and become better conversationalists. For starters, it's important to understand that the maximum amount of THC any edible can contain is 10 mg of THC. This is a state law in many places that helps protect consumers from selling groceries that are too powerful and potentially dangerous.

Dabbing concentrates are considered an advanced method of consumption and, as such, are not recommended for beginner cannabis users. When taking groceries, it's important to write down how much you take to get an idea of how strong that dose is for you and how long it will last. While consuming a marijuana edible is an accessible way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis, it still needs to be considered.