What type of edibles should i get?

All of our experts agree that first-time cannabis users should follow the golden rule: start small, go slow, which usually means looking for products with 5 mg or less of THC. Whether you're planning to be a marijuana tourist, or you're a resident of a retail state turning to a new page for fun (or to address a medical problem), using groceries doesn't have to be scary or feel like a roll of the dice. We spoke to three industry professionals to get answers to all your rookie questions. From food to drink, the spectrum of edibles is as wide as you can imagine that almost any type of food or drink can be infused with cannabis or THC.

No one has reportedly died from consuming too much cannabis, but eating too much edible can cause an unpleasant experience. Edible cannabis products are particularly useful for some people in managing some health problems, but they are not necessarily suitable for everyone. Not all consumption methods have the same start, so it's important to consider the type of edible you're consuming. So first, think about what you want to gain from this cannabis experience and, perhaps with the help of your doctor or a specialist, determine if an edible is the best way to achieve this.

For example, something like an edible cannabis-infused chocolate bar may not taste like real cannabis chocolate that masks the taste well. It's hard to measure their potency, and we've all known someone, possibly you, who has eaten too many groceries and had a bad night. With so much variety, you're sure to find an edible cannabis product that suits your tastes. While smoking or vaping can produce a high that lasts between one and four hours, groceries can last six hours or longer.

If you're still not sure, visit your local dispensary and ask a friend to help you find the best types of groceries for you. Groceries are food products infused with THC in some form or form, such as baked goods, gummies, or chocolates. Some groceries can last up to eight hours, while those in liquid form usually finish after five hours. Some edibles can taste very much like cannabis, while others mask the taste of cannabis so well that you'll never notice the difference.

One thing to keep in mind when consuming edible cannabis is that the effects last much longer than if you smoke. When you consume a cannabis edible, it enters the digestive system and filters through the liver before entering the bloodstream and eventually the brain.